How To Dress Like Ariana Grande

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Pop star Ariana Grande made waves in 2014 for her powerhouse vocals, but it's her super trendy and chic sense of style that we can't take our eyes off. It's difficult to pull off Ariana's look given the hefty price tags, but there are some alternatives and suggestions to dressing like her in a way that is more suitable for everyday wear than singing at the Grammys.

Create your own affordable version of what Ariana Grande wore on Saturday Night Live and make it appropriate to wear for any occasion! A similar crop top can be found at Forever 21 and the classy black pencil skirt is from H&M.

Another key when dressing like Ariana is to wear hair wraps, headbands, and bows. This is an accessory that she frequently wears and is one of the many reasons why her style is admired. We adore the accessories from Charlotte Russe.

Some round up tips:

  • Wearing lots of black and white

  • Crop tops/bralettes are both very important in terms of piecing this style icon’s wardrobe.

  • Mix up the black and white with splashes of color, such as colorful skirts with a matching crop top or bralette

These are just some starting points to remember when dressing like Ariana Grande. Share your look with us by tweeting or Instagramming us.