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Taylor Swift Is A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Attention, eligible bachelors: If you think that Taylor Swift is the girl for you, you may want to think of some things first: she will most likely write a song about you if you break her heart and has no problem getting a little crazy.

The singer premiered the Joseph Kahn-directed music video for her new single “Blank Space” and it's pretty bonkers. The latest 1989 visual is an interesting mix between The Great Gatsby and The Shining. We see T Swizzle fall in love with her new hottie boyfriend and quickly become super paranoid about their relationship. Uh oh. Taylor is not having it and going on a rampage as she goes ham on a vintage car with a golf club and stabs a lot of stuff. Like  lot of stuff before moving on to the next one.

The video is hilariously over the top and it's nice to see Taylor being able to poke fun at herself.

Have you ever felt a little crazy over an ex? Let us know in the comments!

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