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They may be a boyband, but don't dare call them a One Direction rip-off. The boys of The Fooo Conspiracy can certainly hold their own when it comes to their music. Teen Scene caught up with Felix, Omar, Oscar E., and Oscar M. while they were in West Hollywood, California.

1. You guys are the latest to hit the music scene in what seems to be a new UK invasion here in America. How does it feel to be compared to so many other amazing Swedish and UK artists?

It feels amazing!! We look up to so many of these artists, so it’s a honor to be compared to them! We’re excited to bring some of our own edgy-pop, dance, and parkour to the states!

2. You're also being compared to the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. Were you guys fans of them growing up and how do you think you're different from other boybands today such as One Direction?

We grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, along with tons of other artists in every genre. We’re different from the boy bands that are out there because we are influenced by street culture and we started performing on the streets of Stockholm. So, we bring in those elements in our style, dance, and sound to make it more edgy-pop.

3. Did you ever imagine when posting your videos on Youtube that it would lead to all of this? What did you think would happen?

We just took a boombox out to the street and started dancing, and then posted it to YouTube. It was surreal to see such a quick and positive response! It all happened so fast, and it was incredible! We’re so excited to share our music with our fans, and spread Fooo Family across the world!

4. What advice do you have for other young performers who are trying to use social media to gain a following?

We would tell them to be very active with your fans. It is the personal bond between the fans and us that makes it so special. You have to be genuine. And work hard! Nothing comes easy. You have to know what you want and work hard for it.

5. Where did the name The Fooo Conspiracy come from?

We started as The FOOO, which is all of our initials: Felix, Oscar, OG, and Omar. After we started doing street performances, and more and more fans were coming to see us, the Swedish media was very curious about our fans. Our relationship with our fans is so important to us, but the Swedish media didn’t understand it, so they called it a “conspiracy”. We always want to involve our fans in everything we do, so after we won our Swedish Grammy for Innovator of the Year, we decided to add “Conspiracy” to our band name so we could include our fans!

6. For our readers that have never heard your music and are just reading about you for the first time, what should they know about The Fooo Conspiracy?

They should know that we’re so excited to share our music! It’s something we work really hard on, and always want to make better and involve our fans to make it special. We always do things that are outside the box, and make music that will make you dance and smile!

7. Let's play a game, give us a hashtag that you think of when you hear these words:

- The Fooo Conspiracy  #TheNextBigThing

- One Direction  #boyband

- Miley Cyrus  #Tongue

- Ice Cream  #StrawberriesAndChocolate

- Last Night  #CRAZY

8. One final question that we ask everyone, so get creative! If you were a fly, whose wall would you land on?

Ed Sheeran. He is so talented and it would be so inspiring to see how and where he gets creative and how he works.

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