DJ Paris Hilton Takes Over TAO Beach

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When one thinks of Paris Hilton, things like designer clothes, diamonds, the color pink, and Chihuahuas are more than likely to come to mind... But DJing?

Definitely one of the less likely things most people would associate with the starlet.

Until now.

It's really no secret that Paris Hilton, excuse me, DJ Paris Hilton, has been gracing nightclubs and exclusive pool parties in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with her presence. I mean, she's already a television personality, socialite, actress, model, singer, and author so is there really anything Paris Hilton can't do?

Over the weekend, DJ Paris Hilton hosted a Fourth of July celebration in Vegas at TAO Beach.

However, since this is Paris Hilton we are talking about, her outfit definitely did not go unnoticed. The starlet wore a custom Patriotic-inspired ensemble, paired with red Chanel biker gloves and shades as she hung out in a private cabana with friends, brother Barron, and her boyfriend Thomas Gross before she began her set.  

With great enthusiasm and loads of energy, Hilton took her position at the DJ booth and greeted the crowd stating how excited she was to host her "favorite pool party in Vegas." The fun DJ danced and took shots in her booth while she played a mashup of EDM, Top 40, and her hit new single "High Off My Love." Throughout the entirety of her set, DJ Paris Hilton interacted with the crowd by throwing out custom T-shirts and beach balls.

Fan of course went wild, but who wouldn't if Paris Hilton was the designated DJ at your pool party? 

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